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released March 4, 2011

Justin Bard - guitar, vocals
Adam Kozak - vocals, bass, synth
Andy Kivela - drums, sampler, synth

recorded by Will Killingsworth @ Dead Air Studios, Leverett, MA at the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010.

Mastered by Adam Kozak.

Artwork and layout by The Glass Museum

Collapsible Cat Records



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PONDS Northampton, Massachusetts

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Track Name: A New Hampshire Mirage
I've never been to the desert
Never inhaled it's boiling sands
I never hissed out the grit
Through sand-eroded teeth
But I've got vacation time
And you have all the time
And you have a black Winnebago
Stretched from pole-to-pole
Lanes become no lanes
Side-winding sideways
Heatwave in March
Skeletons of cars
It began as an angry swath
Plowed beneath receding hairlines
It sank and rose like shorelines
In estuaries of flowing flesh
We're cutting away swaddles of sun
Fused to the dark
And we can't gather enough aloe
To suffocate the burn
My eyes have gone to skin
But I still see you
You're as beautiful as canals
Shaded by date palms
Where have all the friends gone?
I never brought any friends
And I've never been to the desert
Track Name: Prophylaxis
Lines, grids, squares, control you
Greens, whites, blues console you
Track Name: 198 Pieces
Clutch your stomach
Hug your waist as your roil
On blue
Close your eyes
Until the pain makes you dream
In waves of gold
There's no village of scalp-skin tarps
There's no arrow tunneling to the bone
Not one more grain spreading life through your gut
What I give I'll take so far away
As your heart comes to rest
This raft will drift away on red